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Michał Trojanowski and Przemysław Pakulski from the TTMS Warsaw

Michał Trojanowski

Business Development Manager

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AEM projects

We provide comprehensive implementation, integration and adaptation projects based on the AEM platform. Our multidisciplinary teams deal with the entire project life cycle, from identifying customer needs and graphic design, through project implementation, acceptance tests and production launch, to post-implementation support.

Maintenance and development
of AEM portals

Do you have an existing solution that doesn't work as expected by your company? Your provider does not meet the SLA parameters? Check how our team maintains and develops solutions that we have built ourselves and the existing ones that we have taken over for maintenance from other suppliers.

AEM outsourcing and body leasing

Do you want to increase the power of the AEM team in your organization? Support your team with our consultants by taking advantage of our short- and long-term outsourcing offer. We will take full responsibility for the design or maintenance of the existing solution, all through flexible collaboration, tailored to the needs of your company - from simple body leasing and team leasing to advanced managed services.

AEM technical advice

Take advantage of our consultancy in the field of architecture, audit, technical optimization of the solution - provided by our certified, experienced experts - AEM developers and architects.

AEM product training

Increase the competences of your employees in the field of AEM, from basic knowledge of website building to specific aspects of optimal and intelligent use of the product Our trainers conduct workshops based on interactive training materials and individual consultations.

AEM Content Entry

Provide your company with the support of our specialists in the preparation and publication of content on AEM websites. We will design the page structure and graphic layout based on the materials provided by your organization, taking into account the brandbook guidelines. You can also entrust us with the introduction of content on AEM websites and preparation for publication.


Formed in 2016, our AEM Competency Team has gained tens of thousands of hours of experience working on small and large projects around the world. We worked on global projects and small, local product pages. We're versatile, but there are areas where we've gained the most experience and can be especially helpful.

Web portals for pharmacy: portals for doctors, patients, product portals

Adobe Experience Manager in the cloud

Adobe Experience Manager integrations with Marketo, Campaign, Analytics and Salesforce

Adobe Experience Manager integration with CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management) systems

Accelerators, solutions that accelerate the construction of websites


Our team consists of over 70 AEM consultants, with a full range of roles related to the IT project lifecycle and with various years of service, ranging from vastly experienced architects and experts, to young developers with great potential, gaining knowledge in our in-house AEM academies. For years, we have been successfully delivering comprehensive AEM-based projects and services.

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Michał Trojanowski

Business Development Manager