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Jarosław Szybiński

Microsoft Solutions Sales Director

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Migration to Azure Cloud

We will examine your organizational environment by conducting an audit, select the appropriate applications for migration, and adapt the entirety of your processes to operate in the Microsoft Cloud.  

IoT Internet of Things

We have experience in collecting and transforming billions of IoT data records. Our Data Science Team uses the latest analysis and processing tools and methodologies to harness the full power of your data collections.

AI, Machine Learning

Not only will your resources be optimized, but by compiling, training and implementing machine learning, our teams will also help enhance your business processes.

Application modernization

Transform your applications and infrastructure. We will rapidly augment your business with applications that provide custom environments and change dynamically, responding to events in real time.

Azure Kubernetes

With Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), use a single development and operational platform to build, deliver, and scale applications quickly and reliably.

Custom Applications

Do you see the potential of using cloud solutions in your business? You’re not sure where to start? Our teams will show you how to leverage cloud computing in your business and build a new, custom-made system from scratch.

Get to know our competences confirmed by Microsoft We have hundreds of hours of experience in international and local projects. Our extensive competences have been confirmed by numerous certificates issued by Microsoft.

What's new in Azure See us in action. Watch trainings led by our experienced experts.

Cloud Native Workshop - Migration to Azure and Kubernetes

The training covers issues related to the new, increasingly popular approach to application development - Cloud Native. We discuss the transition from the traditional way of designing, creating and implementing software towards more modern solutions, based on the latest architectural solutions and DevOps philosophy. One of the important elements of such migration is the selection of the appropriate infrastructure.

.Net Workshop - migration to Azure

Have you spent many evenings developing applications and now regret that they are based on old technologies? They lack cloud scalability, efficiency and flexibility? Watch the footage and transfer your applications to the new environment! Moving to Azure using App Service is easier than you think. Find out how to do this and take full advantage of the benefits of migration.

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Jarosław Szybiński

Microsoft Solutions Sales Director

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