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Monika Radomska

Sales Manager

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Managed Services

We retain responsibility for maintenance of IT service. It allows our clients to outsource the process of maintenance and enhancement of the entire IT system to TTMS teams.

Body leasing

We provide IT professionals with required skills, experience and seniority to take responsibility for a particular project’s area or phase within defined time frames. It allows our clients to keep the project’s continuity by quick staffing of missing/required skills even for short assignment.

Team leasing

We complete and providing entire IT projects teams consisting of carefully selected IT professionals with the desired skills and experience to deliver the projects’ goals. It allows our clients to outsource the staffing and then execution of the project to TTMS IT team.

Custom Projects Delivery

Means an end-to-end custom project development in accord with the predefined requirements.

Create your own team of experts

Over 600 specialists work in our teams. They are certified experts in their fields. Choose the employee profile, technology you need, team size and create a team that will implement your project.

We will take care of confirming the quality of your projects

In order to participate in projects from various sectors, we must regularly renew or obtain unique certificates due to customer requirements.

You can use this knowledge without incurring additional training costs and the time needed to complete them.

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Monika Radomska

Sales Manager