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We publish the first ever TTMS ESG Report on environmental, social and management issues.

Transition Technologies MS S.A. publishes its first non-financial ESG report on environmental, social and management issues TTMS took less than six years to become a global company. Such dynamic development means challenges the nature of which is not only reflected in financial data. Therefore, although we are not legally obliged to do so, we have made a decision on non-financial reporting. ESG reports will provide insight into our management method and information about the impact of our activities on the broadly understood environment.   Green energy-powered offices By 2025, TTMS plans to become climate neutral. It is a state where possible greenhouse gas emissions are offset by the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The TTMS Group has been estimating its carbon footprint since 2019. In 2020, it issued approx. 170 thousand. tons of Co2 into the atmosphere, by 7% less than a year earlier. By 2025, emissions should be close to zero, allowing for carbon neutrality. The company is working on the implementation of the ISO 14000 environmental standard, which will help it control the quality and scope of the pro-ecological initiatives introduced. As a provider of modern IT outsourcing, TTMS tries not only to minimize the carbon footprint, but also to use technologies to reduce emissions. In the cities where the company has offices, tree plantings are planned to reduce urban heat islands and numerous ecological projects, including the protection of wetlands and peatlands, which help to retain water, bind carbon dioxide and constitute a valuable ecosystem for the entire planet.   Global reach, local specialists Since its establishment in 2015, the TTMS Group has increased employment six times (by 586 percent), expanded its international structures and increased its sales twelve times. In 2020, the TTMS team consisted of over 530 experts - most often they are programmers, system architects, testers, project managers and people dealing with direct customer support. Acting globally, the Company cooperates with IT specialists mainly in Europe and Asia. Their employment is handled by an international HR team, thanks to which the Company has access to foreign labor markets. The company invests in a new generation of IT specialists. As part of cooperation with universities, it offers students internships or academies dedicated to a specific technology, after which participants find permanent employment at TTMS. The company reaches students with the offer of internships through internet portals and by taking part in such events as job fairs, organized webinars or open days.   Data security and better management Data security is of key importance in the operation of TTMS. The company uses the most advanced specialized IT solutions and systems as well as above-average measures in the field of broadly understood information security. They are based, inter alia, based on ISO / IEC27001 standards - Information Security Management System, which obliges TTMS to conduct annual audits and continuous quality control of the systems. Cooperation with international organizations from the pharmaceutical and defense sectors requires the fulfillment of additional procedures, an example of which is the PSCI (Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative) accreditation obtained by the Company, confirming the fulfillment of a number of requirements allowing work in this industry or obtaining a license from the Ministry of Interior and Administration, which defines work standards in distribution and distribution projects. development, implementation and maintenance of software for the police and the army.

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We want to expand the foreign sales network, acquire additional customers and increase the range of operations.

Interview for Portal Parkiet. Answers Sebastian Sokołowski - President of the Management Board of TTMS   What is the company's activity? Is it mainly about outsourcing IT services? TTMS is a provider of modern IT outsourcing, specializing in managed services, offering complete teams of experts for the world's largest corporations. We operate in the following sectors: pharmaceutical and medical, industrial, educational, as well as in the defence and space industry, which are characterized by a high entry barrier. We consistently implement the strategy of dynamic and continuous development, which requires us to use various available opportunities. We focus on constant organic growth, foreign acquisitions, and now it's time for another important step - debut on the stock exchange. We believe that the market situation is favorable for companies in our industry. There is a very large shortage of employees, because the digital transformation has accelerated. , Increased demand for IT specialists affects the increase in costs and difficulties with business scalability. Managers see this problem, which is why companies more and more often decide to use our comprehensive services.   There has recently been information about the possible debut of Transition Technologies MS on the main trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Where did this idea come from? Was there a need to raise capital? Or is it just about the prestige of the stock exchange? Our stock exchange debut is not only about raising capital, but also about credibility and increased recognition, that comes from being a listed company. The listing on the stock exchange confirms the maturity of the organization.   My guess is that the time of the pandemic has significantly increased the demand for the company's services, and there is no problem with acquiring new customers. But what does it look like from the employees' point of view? Many companies in the industry are currently struggling with a deficit of hands to work, which is why they even decide to take over other companies. In the IT sector, we have been dealing with the employee market for many years. All IT companies have the same difficulties in attracting new employees. Despite this, we are significantly increasing the number of people employed year by year. This is due to several factors. First of all, we operate globally, we have an international HR team, thanks to which we have access to the labor markets in Europe and Asia. We cooperate with universities. Thanks to this, we have access to students to whom we can offer internships and then permanent employment. We also run a proprietary training program, that allows us to expand the teams in our core competencies. We also develop organically. We set up new offices and create subsidiaries. A very successful project turned out to be the establishment of the daughter company TTMS in Malaysia, which not only has dynamically developed in a few years, but is also a window to the Asian labor market.   What is the order backlog for this year? I believe that the current situation of the company is very good. We have launched purchasing processes of foreign companies. We monitor the market and talk to potential candidates. I do not exclude the possibility of completing the purchase process before the stock market debut. Thanks to this, we want to expand the foreign sales network, acquire additional customers and increase the range of operations. The TTMS order book does not include the exchange of contracts. We have trusted long-term clients, very often the projects we work on last for years. Of course, this does not change the fact, that as a result of significant changes taking place on the market, we also try to renegotiate our contracts.   What are the company's long-term plans? A potential stock exchange debut, I also see that the company pays a lot of attention to ecology, maybe some involvement in such projects? We attach great importance to sustainable development, which is why we plan to publish an ESG report on our activities for 2020 in the near future. In 2019, we launched the TTMSgoesGreen project, which aims to continuously reduce the carbon footprint of the company. Our goal is to become a zero-emission company. We focus on the use of "green energy", we apply low-emission solutions in our offices and we conduct compensation activities, e.g. tree planting campaigns.

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The key to success in exporting is to specialize and deliver services different from our competitors.

Material for the daily “Rzeczpospolita”, Exporter's Vademecum supplement Sebastian Sokołowski - President of the Management Board of TTMS S.A .:   In recent years, strong export of Polish IT services have been visible. Poland is listed as one of the world players alongside India, Vietnam, China, Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria. TTMS is one of the highly specialized Polish companies operating globally - we provide services, of course, mainly from offices located in Poland, but we also have our own companies or sales offices in 6 other countries. The key to success in exports is specialization and provision of services other than the competition - TTMS specializes in the so-called managed IT services (managed services), under which not only experts and their work are delivered, but the service provider is responsible for the entire development of teams and projects - from the very analysis of systems to comprehensive software development and maintenance. Managed services is the most technologically advanced form of IT outsourcing services and is currently preferred by the world's largest corporations. Poland can be competitive on the global IT market not only by competing with the price and number of programmers, although this is of course also important, but by constantly increasing the quality, competences and the level of advancement of the services offered. The Polish IT sector has a unique ability to run projects that are often characterized by extremely short implementation times and require high competences from people who implement them - Polish companies perform much better in this respect than their competitors from abroad. An additional impulse for the development of IT services was, of course, the COVID pandemic - remote work has become a new norm, and the demand on the global market has accelerated even more. It seems that the export of business services in the IT sector, the most complex and complicated ones, may be our national specialty in the new technological, post-covid world.

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TTMS begins support for NATO Innovation Hub

Transition Technologies – Managed Services participates in supporting the Innovation Hub, a special unit established by the Allied Command Transformation (ACT). TTMS experts will support its activities in the area of IT systems development. In recent years, many countries belonging to the NATO have started creating innovative initiatives, aimed at using modern technologies, mainly from the commercial sector, for their implementation in the military environment. Centers have been established in individual countries to support this effort, including in the USA (NSIN, Air Force Kessel Run Lab), Germany (Cyber Incubators), France (AID) and Great Britain (DSTL). Their task is to solve the current and future problems of the armed forces, for example related to the reduction of fuel consumption by air force planes or the development of autonomous combat systems. In response to this trend, NATO has established a dedicated structure, that is to help in the effective development of modern and innovative technologies – iHub Laboratory Capability (iHub). iHub provides a space to test new hypotheses and solutions, turning them into user-centric ideas. Transition Technologies MS S.A. joins the group of companies and scientific institutions that will support the Innovation Lab in technology development on a daily basis. Our experts will work on specific projects in several IT areas. – This is not the first cooperation between TTMS and an international organization. Since 2019, we have been providing services for, among others, the European Space Agency (ESA). For the first time, however, we are cooperating directly with an institution subordinated to NATO. Activities for this type of clients give us a sense of real impact on shaping the defense and space sectors, that are extremely important to the world – says Sebastian Sokołowski, CEO of TTMS.   What is IHUB? iHub, or Innovation Hub, is a laboratory whose operating model is based on an incubator, which is a space for testing hypotheses and solutions focused on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) products. IHub is characterized by the close collaboration between developers and end users. Agile DevSecOps practices from industry and the latest research from academia ensure the efficiency of turning ideas into products. Ihub provides its operational customers with a catalog of innovative products and services, with a strong focus on fast, regular delivery. They belong to the so-called SIP, or Software-Intensive Products, which are either strictly programming projects, or software is their basic component. – TTMS is one of the few companies in Poland prepared to support such innovative units from the defense and space sectors. We have numerous certificates and permits, the acquisition of which sometimes takes years, and our team consists of highly specialized experts with not only technical but, above all, substantive knowledge. In some cases, due to the level of expertise required, it was necessary to hire specialists from other NATO and EU countries. This allows us to compete with companies on the international arena – adds Marcin Kubec, Chief Exacutive Officer in TTMS. The demand for services provided by the iHub incubator of new technologies is constantly growing. This is related to the growing competition in the field of technology between the United States and its Allies and China – explains Paweł Fleischer, Business Development Manager for the defense and space sector in TTMS – There is a noticeable competition between countries not only in the area of developing new weapons, e.g. electromagnetic weapons, hypersonic missiles, but especially software and data processing. The modern armed forces are equipped with more and more advanced command, communication, reconnaissance and logistics systems that process and distribute huge amounts of data. Therefore, software enabling fast and reliable data processing is now beginning to play a key role. A new trend in the defense sector is characterized by an increasing demand for services provided by accelerators such as iHub. When it comes to producing innovative products, the commercial (civil) sector has a clear advantage over the military. Acceleration initiatives are to help eliminate this advantage. This increases the pace of work, which in turn means, that the existing teams are regularly enlarged with the most talented specialists. The activities of employees in the project are fully transparent and traceable thanks to the use of modern Continous Integration and Continous Delivery toolkits.

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Interview for ISBnews / ISBtech. "We operate globally, we have the potential to enter new markets."

Answers: Sebastian Sokołowski, President of the Management Board of Transition Technologies MS S.A. Where does Transition Technologies MS see the greatest demand for its products? We operate in dynamically growing sectors with a high entry barrier, relatively resistant to economic fluctuations, such as the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, industry, the space and defence sector and education. These industries accelerated their pace of development during the pandemic. We are benefiting from their growth and we want to continue to strengthen our presence in these areas, while focusing on further diversification of sales to new market sectors. We have good development prospects. The digital revolution accelerated by the pandemic is favorable for our business and opens up even more opportunities in the global IT outsourcing market. We observe an increased demand for our services, technologies we support related to digital transformation in the area of online sales and marketing, data processing in the cloud and information security. We see more and more customer inquiries related to cloud technologies. Clients are looking for solutions, people who will implement them, but above all, a comprehensive solution and responsibility for the entire process. What are the market trends favoring the company's operations? In addition to accelerated digitization, the popularization of outsourcing IT services is visible. The pandemic has made companies even more open to the use of external suppliers, which on the one hand allows for specific savings, and on the other provides comprehensive service. In our opinion, the popularization of IT outsourcing will generate more and more interest in managed services, in which we specialize. It is a comprehensive form of cooperation. We build entire teams that understand the client's business, which makes the service complete - from requirements analysis to implementation and maintenance of these solutions. We take responsibility for the quality, timeliness and success of implemented projects as well as maintaining domain knowledge in teams, which is not a common practice in the outsourcing model. Cloud solutions, assessment according to the CEO We mostly use cloud solutions from Microsoft, Amazon, and Google as well as Salesforce and Adobe products. We support the digital transformation of enterprises in the field of migration of entire IT ecosystems to the cloud, ensuring information security and the adoption of cloud solutions in organizations, integrating them with other systems and tools used in the largest corporations. Depending on the stage of transformation, our clients expect various types of support. There are companies that start their path, for them the challenge is to move away from the costly, aging hardware infrastructure towards the cloud and transfer existing systems as they existed until now. Enterprises that have taken this step often struggle with suboptimal configuration, the costs of which can be significantly reduced, while increasing the efficiency of IT solutions operating in the cloud. There are also companies that have already appreciated the flexibility and power of the cloud, but are aware that the software they use from the era of servers and disk arrays does not use this power. That is why they decide to redesign and migrate their IT systems, so that they can benefit from unlimited cloud possibilities directly from the level of their code and architecture. What are the company's plans for foreign expansion? We grow organically. Geographic diversification is very important to us, which is why we operate on international markets. We are present in 7 locations on 3 continents: North America (USA: San Francisco and Tampa), Europe (Poland, Great Britain, Austria), Asia (Malaysia, Singapore). Transition Technologies MS has 2 subsidiaries: Transition Technologies MS S.A. Ltd based in London (United Kingdom) and TTMS Software SDN Bhd. based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). International development is our natural development direction. The following directions are very important from the point of view of our activity: Asia and the countries of Western and Northern Europe, including Scandinavia and the DACH countries in which we also conduct sales activities. The rapid growth of our Malaysian company in just 4 years made it possible to expand its operations to other regions. Today, the company offers its services to clients in Asia and Australia, and also cooperates with our representative office in Singapore. We also think about acquisitions, monitor the market, and watch interesting foreign players. This is a chance for a further increase in the scale of operations. Possible IPO plans - is the company considering an IPO? We are analyzing various options for further development. Listing on the stock Exchange is one of the options we are considering. What makes TTMS stand out on the market, what are the key competitive advantages? We are a rapidly growing supplier of modern IT outsourcing in Poland and on foreign markets, directed mainly to global corporations. We have a high level of unique competences, we are characterized by the model of managed services cooperation in the current markets. We operate globally, we have the potential to increase the scale of operations and enter new markets.

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