• Contest
  1. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) set out the terms and conditions of the contest to provide as many correct answers as possible in the shortest time in terms of knowledge of Microsoft Azure features (the “Contest”).


  • Organizer
  1. The Organizer of the Contest is Transition Technologies – Managed Services sp. z o.o. [limited liability company] with its registered office in Warsaw, 55 Pawia Street, Poland (the “Organizer”).
  2. Supervision of the proper conduct of the Contest is exercised by a two-person committee appointed by the Organizer.
  3. Complaints regarding the conduct of the Contest may be submitted to the Organizer by e-mail to, during the Contest and within 7 days from the end of the Contest. The right to lodge a complaint regarding the conduct of the Contest is granted only to the Participants of the Contest. The complaint should indicate the Participant’s name and surname, e-mail address, the name of the Participant, which he used during the Contest (nick), and a description and reason for the complaint. Complaints will be considered by the Organizer within 14 days of submission. The result of the complaint will be sent to the Participant to the specified e-mail address.


  • Term and place
  1. The competition takes place on April 20, 2021 during the webinar “M365 implementation case study – How to maximize business benefits using Microsoft Teams?” The human face of change in the financial sector” (“Webinar”).
  2. The Contest takes place online, live via the website


  • Participation
  1. Any natural person with full legal capacity, whether acting in his own name or as a representative of another entity, may take part in the Contest. In order to participate in the Contest, a person must register in accordance with section 4.3 below (“Participant”).
  2. The Organizer’s employees or associates are not allowed to participate in the Contest.
  3. Only a person who participates in the Webinar and registers on the website before the start of the Contest may be a Participant of the Contest.
  4. Registration of the Participant consists in opening the page and entering the code given at the time of the Webinar and the individual nickname, in the fields located in an open window, in a marked place.
  5. The Contest consists in the Participants answering questions displayed during the Webinar. Suggested responses appear during Webinar, and on the website appear as real-time letter marks.
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from participation in the Contest Participants who violate the provisions of these Terms, in particular:
    1. conducts acts contrary to the law or morality,
    2. conduct actions that are reasonable to believe that they may lead to attempts to circumvent the Terms or the safeguards and operating rules of the Contest,
    3. conducts activities that violate the legitimate interests of the Organizer.
  7. In the case of Participants who are legal persons or organizational units with legal capacity, the registration to the Contest shall be made by an authorized representative which is a natural person. The Organizer accepts that the person filing the registration for the Contest of the legal persons or organizational units with legal capacity is duly empowered to represent those entities.


  • Rules of the Contest
  1. One Participant may take part in the Contest only once.
  2. The contest consists of 5 questions and takes the form of a single choice test. Participants answer questions at the same time. The Contest lasts 10 minutes in total, and for answer on one question is 30 seconds.
  3. The Organizer is not responsible for data transmission errors, in particular due to failure of information or communication systems, network or power supply system, affecting the failure to deliver or untimely delivery of the registration to the Contest, as well as problems with its course and completion.
  4. In the Contest, the correctness of the answers is taken into account first, and in the second – the speed of their provision. The winner of the Contest will be selected by the service system immediately after the end of the Contest. The Participant will receive a notification about his/her results on his/her device while on
  5. The winners of the Contest are the first three Participants who answered the most questions correctly in the shortest time.
  6. In order to claim the prize, the Winner should take a so-called screenshot on his/her device, which he/she used during the Contest, with information about the victory, and send the screenshot to the Organizer to the following e-mail address:
  7. Within 48 hours of receiving the winner’s email, the Organizer will contact the winners to arrange a date for the prize to be collected. Winners will be verified by the nickname provided before the Contest. Confirmation of receipt of the prize will be sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the winner.


  • Awards
  1. The Organizer will award three prizes for the winners.
  2. The prizes in the Contest are individual consultations in the field of Microsoft Azure IT solutions with a gross value of PLN 400.
  3. Prizes are not redeemable for cash or other prizes.
  4. The winner participant may not transfer the prize right to a third party.
  5. Pursuant to Article 30(1)(2) of the Law of 26 July 1991. on personal income tax (Journal of Laws of 2010 No. 51 item 307 i.e. as amended), if the prize is awarded to a natural person (regardless of the fact if he/she is an entrepreneur) the value of the prize referred to in paragraph 6.2 above is subject to flat-rate personal income tax of 10% of the value of the prize. The Organizer, as a flat-rate personal income taxpayer, shall calculate, collect and pay to the relevant Tax Office the flat-rate income tax due on the prize. The amount of the tax will be added to the value of the prize in the amount of the total amount of the flat-rate personal income tax as an additional cash prize for winning the Contest, calculated as the income tax due on the total value of the prize and the cash prize (i.e. the amount representing 11.11% of the value of the prize). The winner agrees that the amount of the cash prize is not payable to him/her but is intended to be used to pay the tax due for the prize. The winner is obliged to provide the Organizer with all data necessary to fulfill the obligations of the taxpayer.
  6. In the event that the winner of the prize is a natural person who is not a Polish tax resident and who presents the relevant certificate of tax residence, the Organizer will add the cash prize and pay income tax taking into account the provisions of the relevant double taxation agreement.
  7. The Organizer reserves the right to award additional prizes on a case-by-case basis, in particular in case of earning an equal number of correct answers by more than one person.


  • Processing of personal data
  1. Natural persons who are Participants or representing Participants agree to the processing of their personal data by the Organizer for the purposes of conducting the Contest, in particular the selection of winners and awarding of the prize, the issue, acceptance and settlement of the prize, as well as for statistical and marketing purposes (i.e. pursuant to Article 6(1)(a), (c) and (f) of the GDPR).
  2. The condition for participation in the Contest is to provide any nickname.
  3. The Participant agrees to the publication of the award information on the Organizer’s website and on social media – on the Organizer’s websites (Facebook, LinkedIn).
  4. The data controller of the personal data of the Participants is Transition Technologies – Managed Services sp. z o.o. [limited liability company] with its registered office in Warsaw, 55 Pawia Street.
  5. You can also contact the data controller via e-mail:
  6. The personal data will be made available to trusted partners working with the data controller during the organization of the Contest and entities entitled to receive personal data on the basis of applicable laws.
  7. Providing data is voluntary, but necessary to issue prizes in the Contest. Personal data will be processed for the duration of the prizes collection, and then will be processed until the limitation of the claims resulting from the Contest.
  8. The data subject shall have the right to access, rectify, delete or restrict the processing of his or her personal data, the right to object to the processing of data due to a particular situation – in cases where the Organizer processes the Participant’s data on the basis of his legitimate interest, the right to transfer his/her personal data.
  9. The Participant has the right to withdraw consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of processing carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
  10. The Participant has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection if he/she considers that the processing of his/her personal data violates the provisions of the law on the protection of personal data.
  11. Providing personal data is a contractual and statutory obligation and failure to provide it prevents Participant from receiving the prize.
  12. A Participant shall not be subject to a decision that is based solely on automated decision-making, including profiling, which produces legal effects on the Participant or similarly materially affects the Participant.


  • Final provisions
  1. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Terms at its sole discretion and at any time. Any changes to the Terms will be posted on the Organizer’s website.
  2. The Organizer shall not be liable for the service and timeliness of service by the relevant operators, including through the information and communication systems of letters, messages and shipments addressed to and by the Participants, nor for interruptions and other irregularities in the functioning of the website on which the results of the Contest will be announced.
  3. Subject to section 6.5 above, the Organizer shall not be liable for any taxes or fees, if any, to which Participants may be required to pay in connection with participation in the Contest and receiving prizes.
  4. Any disputes that may arise between the Organizer and the Participants will be heard by the competent ordinary court.
  5. In all matters not covered by these Terms, the provisions of the Polish law, in particular Polish Civil Code, shall apply.


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