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Second edition of Lublin Salesforce Academy, 2017

Natalia Rytel

Sales Manager - Salesforce

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CRM Sales Cloud 360

The world's #1 Customer Relationship Management Solution for sales organizations of any size and business model. It’s a platform to manage end-to-end functioning of the sales department. It helps you to monitor your business, customer relations and key indicators important and crutial for your success.

Marketing Automation

By using Salesforce marketing automation tools such as Marketing Cloud and Pardot, you can easily increase the number of leads and sales of your products and services, as well as improve the productivity of your organization and transform your business. Campaigns using marketing automation tools are much more effective, as confirmed by market research.

Service Cloud

is the perfect solution for customer service. Thanks to it, you can support your clients in any communication channel, at any time and on a different scale. Additionally, your customer can receive immediate support through self-service portals. The Salesforce solution causes a significant decrease in service costs, as well as a substantial increase in service satisfaction, which affects customer retention, greater productivity of agents and faster resolution of reported problems.

Community Cloud

is an online Salesforce social platform, that enables companies to connect customers, partners and employees, as well as the data and records needed to do their jobs. You will get answers to many questions about Salesforce technology and solutions, and you can support other users by answering questions asked on the forum. Community Cloud helps you solve problems faster, increases user satisfaction and commitment, and helps reduce IT costs in the company.

Field Service

Salesforce thought not only about office workers. You no longer need to worry about your field customer support team. Thanks to Field Services, you will significantly improve the safety and efficiency of service, reduce the number of personal visits of your employees, providing customers with virtual support in real time.


As a technology company, we can integrate Salesforce solutions with almost all systems, solutions and applications your organization uses. We have an extensive experience in this field, as we have successfully completed dozens of international projects, where the level of difficulty in integrating tools was very complex.

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Natalia Rytel

Sales Manager - Salesforce