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A system to manage your business in Microsoft Teams? Yes, it already exists!

How scheduling vacations in Teams can streamline your entire company 

ABC of Business Management 

In his book, The Myth of Entrepreneurship, Michael Gerber advises that a company should be run based on rules that allow it to function even if a key employee leaves or the owner changes. It’s great advice, but how do you put it into practice

If you own a business and employ people, you know how many procedures, policies and rules it takes to manage it properly. It applies to everything from procuring supplies for the office, and assigning tasks, to monitoring vacation days. 

The bigger the team, the messier it gets. This is when solutions such as CRM software, ERP systems, etc., come to the rescue. Many things require planning and coordination, and many subsystems need to be added.  

Yet few people know that Office 365 and agile Teams software are enough. Let us tell you how we structured our company’s vacation scheduling process with an app in just three days! 

Case study of creating a vacation planning app 

Project at a glance: 

Challenge: office organization A to…Teams? 

You may not believe it, but managing leaves has been a considerable challenge for our team until recently. It’s a seemingly simple task, but TTMS team is growing fast and new people are coming in all the time.  

Until recently, not everyone knew how to submit time-off requests. 

Idea: Application for time-off management 

Hubert who is responsible for Microsoft Power Apps implementations came up with an idea of how to solve this problem easily and at a low cost. 


“Since we all use Microsoft Teams, why not use it to manage the business? Maybe it would be possible to streamline and automate the leaves scheduling process.  

The Vacation Days app was created in Power Apps for Teams using Dataverse for Teams. It is connected to the group calendar in the SharePoint,” says Hubert Ferenc, PowerApp Lead at #PowerTeam TTMS. 

Hubert is responsible for Power Apps implementations and collaboration with clients 

Project outcome 

Thanks to a simple application created in 72 hours, we managed to solve several business management problems:   

  1. It is now clear to everyone that to request a vacation day, all they need to do is enter the app, select the dates, fill out a short form and submit it. 
  1. The request always finds its way to the right person – the direct supervisor. 
  1. The calendar is now filled in properly.  


Additionally, we’ve integrated a bot that sends notifications about app events.  

Power Apps – improvement in enterprise management 

Perhaps your company also needs such an application?  

At TTMS, we create user-friendly applications using Microsoft Power Apps. 

With Power Apps, prototyping and deployment have become lightning fast. Our application was developed in 3 days! On top of that, the solution offers low development and maintenance costs. 

Power Apps advantages 

Problem:  streamlining management Solution: Agile Power Apps 
I don’t want to spend too much  Cost-effectiveness 
I don’t want additional software  An application based on Microsoft technology 
I do not want a long process Application developed in 48 hours 

Used in production companies 

Microsoft Power Apps implemented by TTMS are used to streamline HR processes and company management.  

They are also great for larger projects in virtually any industry.  

At TTMS, we help our clients simplify their business processes. Here are 3 examples of Microsoft Power Apps implementations: 

Application for ordering vaccines against Covid-19 

A simple application to centrally manage vaccine orders 

Application for parking lot management 

Intuitive application for parking space reservation at the office 

Application for ordering licenses 

An agile application to centrally manage license orders  

If your company wants to streamline processes, TTMS will provide you with comprehensive support in implementing the application – from the concept and functionality definition to the implementation and maintenance. 

  • improved document flow 
  • simplified management system 
  • streamlined HR procedures 
  • improved information flow among employees 

Agile software for companies – consultations 

We are happy to meet with companies that have ideas for improving their processes – both simple and advanced ones.  

Request a consultation if: 

  • you need an application as quickly as possible 
  • you want to automate business processes 
  • you expect smart solutions 

Order an application that will improve your business processes without straining your budget. Contact us! 

TTMS – why us?  

We are a Microsoft partner and have many years of experience in Power Apps implementations.  

TTMS is part of the TT capital group that operates in the American and Asian markets and 6 European countries.  

TT Group has 23 offices on 3 continents and employs around 2000 people. Our team consists of highly qualified and certified specialists.   

Write to us and schedule a free call with a consultant. 

Business application in a week? It is only possible with Power Apps.

Power Apps – an alternative in designing mobile applications

Does application development have to be difficult and its implementation time-consuming?

There is a belief persisting in many companies that creating applications (even for internal use) is a tedious, long, and difficult process. But why is that so? There are two reasons (both related to the IT industry):

  • in the past, designing applications and creating websites did take a long time;
  • for many software companies, “difficult” processes mean higher profits. 

Cost is one thing, but the #lead time of software development is equally important for business because the world is changing #fast. When you run a business, you simply can’t afford to have your applications taking months to develop

Do you remember the game called Pacman? 

The main character was a creature who devoured the dots on the screen. If Pacman represented the app development process without Power Apps, it would have devoured time, money, and human resources. 

Today hardly anyone plays Pacman anymore 

We have access to modern technology and cloud solutions, and we can develop applications using Microsoft software.

Microsoft Power Apps project in a nutshell

Parking space reservation application

  • Customer industry: IT
  • Collaboration period: 6 months
  • Time of work on the application: 1 week
  • Number of people in the project: 2
  • Year of collaboration: 2021
  • Tools used in the project: Microsoft Power Apps

The challenge – what did the client approach us with?

In big cities, there is always a huge problem with parking spaces. Some corporations provide parking spaces at their locations as an employee benefit.

Our client had been struggling with the insufficient number of parking spaces in front of the company for a long time.

On top of that, the pandemic crisis started. Due to the Coronavirus, many people who previously used public transportation started arriving to work by car. 

Project goal: the client asked us to create a user-friendly application for parking space reservations. 

The application was supposed to enable:

  • checking parking availability,
  • booking a parking space.

Project assumptions:

The solution was to be done in the style we’ve mastered to perfection –  “ASAP” and ” cost-effectively“, preferably without installing additional programs (the client already had an Office 365 environment). Additionally, the application had to be user-friendly.

The process – application development in 5 steps

How did we cope with this challenge?

Step 1 Meeting with the client

We started with a meeting with the client. We determined the initial requirements, defined what benefits the application is to bring, and how people would use the solution.

Step 2 Work in a project team with developers

We discussed the assumptions of the application with the project team. We made a simple mockup and the concept of the solution.

Step 3 Confirmation of initial assumptions

We presented the client with sample screen views and provided costs estimation. We managed to keep the cost at a level that did not require the Board’s approval, which accelerated the process.  

Step 4 Designing the application interface

After just a few days of work, we had the design ready. We presented the design and the functionalities to the client.

Step 5 Release to users – launch 

At the next status meeting, we agreed on the remaining details, and after another working hours, the final product was ready. The client could immediately start using the application created in Microsoft Power Apps.

The result?

After a few days, we received feedback that the application worked flawlessly. Employees are happy with the solution as they do not waste time on unnecessary problems and, most importantly, the office is now better organized.  

What tools did we use? Microsoft Power Automate

In this project, we used Power Apps that are a part of the Power Platform. It is a set of services, including Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps. 

With Power Apps, you can solve process or business problems in a simple, fast, and inexpensive way.  

3xS – the advantages of Power Apps in mobile application development

S for simplicity – based on Microsoft technology

S for streamlined processes – creating an application in just 48 hours

S for savings – save money on app development and maintenance

There’s still one more S, as in “send us an email” if you need an app.


With Power Apps, you will not only save time and money, but most importantly, you will effectively respond to market needs.

What else can you use Power Apps for?

To create applications for B2B, B2C, and your employees. If you want to digitalize any process in your company, do it quickly and effectively – write to us.

Why?  We will do it better and more agilely than other companies. You will have no problems operating the application on the Microsoft platform.

Power Apps – application examples:

  • improved document flow
  • streamlined company processes 
  • enhanced e-learning and training
  • transport monitoring
  • inventory monitoring
  • HR department optimization, e.g., employee evaluation system

TTMS – why us? 

We are a Microsoft partner and have many years of experience in Power Apps implementations. 

TTMS is part of the TT capital group, which operates in the American and Asian markets and 6 European countries. 

TT Group has 23 offices on 3 continents. We employ about 2000 people and the number is growing all the time. Our team consists of highly qualified and certified specialists.  

How we helped Volvo Car Poland become a data-driven company.

Business analytics 2022Volvo Car Poland case 

What do Google, Amazon, and Facebook have in common? Data. The power of each of these technological giants lies in the skillful use of data in business. 

According to Forbes, in 2021, companies will spend USD 215 billion on data analytics. That’s 10% more than the year before. This number will grow because we produce billions of gigabytes of data every day. However, it is not the production of data that is currently the challenge, because we already have applications for almost everything. The challenge is effective data analysis. Those who efficiently analyze the ever-growing volumes of data will gain a competitive advantage.  

Wondering how to make better use of data in your company? Read about Volvo Car Poland project and see how the best companies do it. 

From this case study you will learn: 

  • how we helped improve reporting at Volvo Car Poland, 
  • how we successfully implemented Power BI system
  • how BI tools helped to improve analysis,  
  • what processes based on data analysis look like, 
  • how your company can become a data-driven company

About TTMS Power BI project at Volvo Car Poland 

  • Client:  Volvo Car Poland 
  • Objective: increase sales, improve customer service, marketing, and management processes thanks to the implementation of an extensive reporting layer  
  • Cooperation period: since 2021 
  • Number of people in the project: 3  
  • Process: close collaboration with business and IT – needs analysis, solution proposals, and implementation of the selected option 
  • Outcome: implementation of reports that improved sales, customer support, marketing, and servicing. Thanks to interactive analyses, it is possible to review historical data, examine trends, and compare periods (e.g., the same month in the previous year to the current year). It allows for making better decisions and adapting to the market more efficiently. Additionally, automatic data updates relieve users from tedious manual “refreshing” of reports in Excel, which saves time and resources. 
  • Year of collaboration: 2021 – 2022   

Unused data  

Nowadays, data is a tangible resource in companies, and its processing is becoming a key competence. Unfortunately, in many organizations, a large part of data is still unused or only partially used.  

How does this happen? 

Our clients have told us about 4 myths concerning using data. Here is the BIB, or Business Intelligence Barriers: 


“I can’t afford Business Intelligence. I am afraid of the high costs of implementing BI solutions.”  

Some managers still remember the days when launching even a simple analytical solution required budgets unattainable for small or medium-sized companies.  

What is it like in reality? 

Currently, thanks to cloud solutions, the reporting platforms are available for everyone. The implementation costs do not strain the budgets of even the smallest companies. In the case of cloud services, you pay when you actually use them. Therefore, building a solution, we try to minimize the time of using particular services.  It makes our solutions cheaper than those deployed “in your server room”.  

Moreover, in order to launch the project and enjoy its benefits, you do not need to incur considerable expenses for upfront licenses. For example, the purchase of a similar database engine is associated with a significant outlay of resources (even several hundred thousand zlotys).  In the case of a cloud service, the costs usually do not exceed several thousand per month.


“I don’t have an experienced IT team and won’t be able to work with it.” 

What is it like in reality? 

Self-service tools are becoming easier to use because they are created with a non-technical user in mind. The capabilities of these tools are incredible, and they are being constantly developed. For example, Power BI Desktop is enriched with additional features all the time and a new version is released each month.

However, it is important to implement BI in collaboration with a technology partner who has in-depth knowledge of a selected platform (confirmed by certificates) and experience in implementing business intelligence systems. It’s also a good idea to choose a partner that, in addition to implementing the solution, is prepared to provide a training course on the use and capabilities of the tool. 


“The IT team is too busy. They won’t find time for a new solution.” 

What is it like in reality? 

Analysts do not have time because they need to perform many tasks manually and “stitch” several reports in Excel into one comprehensive report, which is time-consuming and frustrating. The concept of a data-driven company assumes high automation in this area, which gives analysts additional time for truly productive activities.


“There are too many options to choose from, and I don’t have the knowledge to determine what solution will work best.” 

What is it like in reality? 

When choosing a business intelligence system, it’s advisable to research available tools. For example, according to Gartner, there are three vendors leading in the most important category: Qlik, Tableau, and Microsoft’s Power BI with its advantageous comprehensiveness of vision and capabilities. 

These were also the doubts that Volvo Car Poland faced when they invited TTMS to their business intelligence project. 

“The implementation of Power BI for Volvo Car Poland was a huge challenge,”   says Jarek Szybiński – Microsoft Sales Director in TTMS.  “It is great to work with companies that know the importance of data. Improving the business decision-making processes at Volvo Car Poland thanks to the implemented reports brought us a lot of satisfaction. 

Project challenge 

In many companies reporting depends on the experience of individual analysts. They are responsible for acquiring data from source systems, merging it, and preparing reports.  

The problem is that there are usually more reporting needs than analysts, and it is often manual work. It makes the data analysis process drag on. And that, in turn, delays data-driven decision making.  

Effective BI system means reliable data “just in time”  

When Volvo Car Poland turned to us, they were well aware of the significance of data. They knew they could gain a real competitive advantage by using it for analysis and forecasting.   

What did we do for Volvo Car Poland?  

The project objective was to streamline company processes, put reports in order and increase competitive advantage in the market. We managed to achieve it by introducing 4 agile reports

Customer Service Report 

Challenge: the company was collecting data in many Excel files, and analyzing them was very time-consuming. 

Solution: Automatic report 

We implemented a report in Power BI based on data export.  

The report refreshes automatically according to the schedule, without involving additional people.  

Thanks to the rich and interactive reporting layer, it is easy to assess how many cases come to the Customer Service department and how quickly they are closed.  

Something more: the possibility of moving from a report to action. You can send an email to a customer directly from the report. 


Watch a webinar about the report:  


TTM’s business intelligence solution means: 

  • effective reporting system of the helpline service,   
  • monitoring of registered cases and replies,   
  • direct recommendation of actions and the possibility of sending emails from,    
  • current monitoring of the helpline load,   
  • faster customer service. 

Business benefits from implementing the BI system: 

For Volvo Car Poland, customer service is crucial. With Power BI, you can optimize your customer service department. 

Now they know how many people will be needed to handle the helpline in specific periods. It is easy to check what customers are calling about and help them immediately.  

Sales report – support in decision-making 

Challenge: it was very important for the company to track the implementation of sales plans. Unfortunately, reports from many locations were created in Excel. The manual refreshing and the analysis took a lot of time. 

Solution – a report in Power BI using data warehouses. The report refreshes automatically according to the schedule, without involving additional people.  

By implementing a number of metrics, it is possible to compare different periods (month to month, any period of the year to the same period in the previous year).  

It gives a good idea of trends and allows for the analysis of sales effectiveness. 

With TTMS’s business intelligence solution 

  • you know how many invoices have been issued, 
  • you know how many products have been released,  
  • you can check and compare data Y/Y, M/M, D/D.  

Benefits of implementing business intelligence: 

With Power BI, Volvo Car Poland can keep track of its sales plans in real time. They can easily check the target completion status and take appropriate actions.  

Marketing reports 

Challenge: to integrate data from different sources (Google Analytics, Call Center, test drives records). 

Solution – a cross-sectional report in Power BI that combines multiple data sources, trend monitoring, facilitated analysis of the marketing campaigns’ effectiveness or visits to the websites. 

TTMS’s business intelligence solution 

  • merging data and reports from Google Analytics with the client’s sales system   

Benefits of implementing business intelligence: 

Thanks to Power BI, Volvo Car Poland knows how many customers in the sales funnel turn into the so-called warm leads and which promotion channel is the most effective. 


General benefits of implementing business intelligence: 

Implementation of the BI System software at Volvo Car Poland helped improve decision-making processes. Thanks to the unified platform, everyone can see the same data and work efficiently in one program, without sending e-mails and manually processing reports. Thanks to the security layer in shared reports, the number of reports is reduced as each employee sees only the relevant data set. Viewed by the board, the report will contain all the data. Viewed by a Regional Director, it will display only the data from that specific region. It eliminates the need to create such condensed reports specifically for different groups.

At TTMS, we know that unused data is just a cost. In Volvo Car Poland we’ve managed to improve data processing and facilitated making data-informed decisions. Functions such as ‘one-click’ forecasting, automated correlation search, or anomaly detection help analyze data and achieve the assumed business goals with ease.

Efficient analysis of data from various sources (files, websites, social media, internal databases, etc.) is currently the foundation of competitive advantage. It is indispensable in a fast-changing world, where even one post may determine the success or failure of a product. – Power BI Project Leader Norbert Kulski BI Lead – Transition Technologies MS

Are you considering such a solution in your company? Write to us! 

We will help you go through the process step by step and choose the best solution for you. Contact 

TTMS – why is it worth working with us?  

Four reasons why you should choose TTMS if you are thinking about power BI service:  

  • We have been a Microsoft partner for years and have a wealth of experience implementing BI in companies. 
  • In the seven years of TTMS’s existence, we have implemented more than 500 projects worldwide. We are trusted by the world’s largest corporations from such sectors as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, education, and defense.  
  • We can help you migrate data securely from other systems.  
  • We will train your team and introduce you to Power BI.