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04-03-2021 |

Rebate Management Completes Salesforce Quintet

Salesforce presented a component, that is to help manage the discount policy in relation to loyal customers. It’s called Rebate Management and it’s the fifth recently released add-on, the most recognizable one so far being Einstein Automate – a comprehensive workflow automation solution. Rebate Management is to use a configurable data model to automate, scale and manage information based on artificial intelligence.

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17-02-2021 |

Salesforce launches vaccine for paperwork

Salesforce introduces Intelligent Document Automation (IDA), which will help healthcare companies and institutions digitize their document management processes.

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10-02-2021 |

Via Lublin to Salesforce

More than 4 million jobs will be created by the SalesForce ecosystem by 2024. For a young programmer, a career focused on SFDC seems to be perfect. We know something about it – our Academy has already educated over 40 specialists in this technology.

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11-12-2020 |

TTMS on the Silver Level in the Salesforce program

Salesforce certification took place recently and we promised to disclose the results of our specialists. TTMS employees have studied diligently to update their knowledge of operating this powerful CRM platform. Thanks to the regular improvement of competences, we have officially become a Silver Partner.

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08-12-2020 | , ,

Slack in the hands of Salesforce

Salesforce is arming itself. It has just agreed on the largest transaction in history – from February 2021, the purchase of Slack, the communicator for collective work, will become a reality. So far, the record of Marc Benioff, CEO of SF, has been the acquisition of Tableau data analysis platform for $ 15 billion. This time the amount will exceed USD 27 billion.

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04-11-2020 |

Salesforce - TTMS specialists improve their qualifications

The Salesforce Certification Days are approaching – this is the time, when a group of specialists from Transition Technologies MS S.A. sit down to learn to update their knowledge in the field of leading CRM service. Soon many of them will be able to boast of new certificates confirming their skills. And there are 53 TTMS specialists from Salesforce. So far, they have obtained almost 150 certificates.

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26-10-2020 | , ,

Salesforce and Teams integration - cooperation or competition?

#Teams and #salesforce tags in one post?

It is fully justified, because from today Salesforce functions as an application, integrated with the Microsoft Teams platform, although both parties still cautiously call it “pilot”.

It’s hard to talk about a surprise here, because previously the CRM software vendor chose Microsoft Azure as the cloud provider.

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06-10-2020 | ,

Salesforce creates a vaccine distribution management platform

Currently, about 70 teams are working on a COVID-19 vaccine. These include pharmaceutical concerns, smaller biotechnology companies, academia and non-profit organizations. As impressive as the race is, it’s worth looking at what’s happening in its shadow: the challenge of developing a distribution model. And the venture is unprecedented, as it will involve millions of patients around the world.

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