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Total Microsoft Care - focused on your business

Total Microsoft Care – this is how we decided to name all our activities that can be focused around your business, using Microsoft solutions.

Let’s look at a simple diagram that illustrates the activities that go into what we call “Total Microsoft Care.”

Power Apps – for your business

Thanks to the Power Apps development environment (a package of applications and services), in a simple, fast and, above all, inexpensive way, we can answer process or business problems by creating custom applications.

Thanks to Power Apps, you will not only save time and money, but above all, you will efficiently respond to market needs by digitizing any processes. There are many examples of applications, from improving the circulation of documents or company processes, through monitoring inventory levels, to improving the HR department by, for example, creating an employee evaluation system.

As a Microsoft partner, we have many years of experience in implementing Power Apps. Recently, using our office in Denmark – TTMS Nordic – we have been directing our offer in this area also to the Nordic countries.

Microsoft m365 – Licences optimalization

Did you know that Microsoft licenses have replacements such as printer toners? Choosing the right license package is a monthly saving for a company, often counted in thousands of zlotys. Many companies do not know about it. He buys a mismatched set or does not use half of the available functionalities.

Contact us – we will be happy to conduct an audit, thanks to which we will learn about your needs and examine where you can save.

Power BI – make the best data-driven decisions

Power BI is a Microsoft analytical platform, thanks to which it is possible to easily collect, manage and process data from various sources. It has a user-friendly interface that makes dealing with data efficient and enjoyable. data analysis.

Power BI is the highest league of data management, based on cloud computing. Power BI has a friendly interface that will make dealing with data not only effective, but also pleasant.

We will help you create a coherent image of your company by collecting data from various sources, such as ERP, CRM or Excel sheets, and then generating reports adequate to your business needs. We will deliver the first reports for your sales / marketing / HR / logistics department in just 2 weeks, and the return on investment and visible effects for your company will appear 2 months after the implementation of the platform.

Marcin Kapuściński – Transition Technologies MS