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Transition Technologies at the head of Polish IT

Among the largest IT companies with Polish capital, Transition Technologies, our parent company ranks 7th. The ranking, published annually by the ITwiz website, takes into account the year 2020 and the revenues generated in it.

What’s interesting, if we took into account the revenue from the sale of IT services – apart from the sale of software – the TT group would be fourth.

The largest IT companies with Polish capital in 2020 – ITwiz Best100 ranking (in PLN thousand)

Transition Technologies Capital Group has been operating since 1991, and it includes the following companies:

  • Transition Technologies (software for energy, industry and medicine),
  • Transition Technologies USA (direct service of projects implemented in North America),
  • Transition Technologies MS (outsourcing, managed services, .NET, Java, C / C ++, mobile technologies),
  • Transition Technologies PSC (IoT, AR, VR, Product Lifecycle Management),
  • Transition Technologies Advanced Solutions (data management, cybersecurity, forecasting, data analytics and BI),
  • Transition Technologies SW (software for energy, industry and medicine)
  • Transition Technologies Ukraine LLC (IT solutions for the electricity and gas market in Ukraine),
  • Transition Technologies – Control Solutions (advanced automation solutions, engineering services),
  • Transition Technologies Science (solutions for the healthcare sector),
  • Promison (IT infrastructure maintenance, service management and IT security).

We also learn from the ITwiz Best100 report that:

  • in 2020, the Polish ICT market grew by 4% to USD 19.3 billion (PLN 75 billion); 
  • For 2021, an increase of over 5% is forecast, which means that the value of the ICT market in Poland may exceed USD 20 billion;
  • in the case of over 50% of companies, the existing gaps were filled by investments in technologies;
  • in 2020, there was a change in the priorities of people managing Polish companies. Innovation – apart from cost effectiveness and improvement of operational efficiency – was among the three most important priorities. … clients fell to 4th place;
  • in the first place of the most important problems (60% of responses) was the use of outdated technology, and thus the need for manual work of people responsible for IT security;
  • since the beginning of the pandemic, the WIG-INFORMATYKA index has been growing successively, exceeding the level of 4,500 points at the beginning of July 2021. This resulted in an increase – compared to the collapse at the beginning of the pandemic – by as much as 83%. In 2019, the WIG-INFO index increased “only” by 42%. This tells us how IT is perceived today.

Marcin Kapuściński – Transition Technologies MS