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Free Microsoft Teams training

Webinar description

Take the free, interactive training about Microsoft Teams!

Learn the app step by step – from chat, search engine, cooperating with other employees to planning and conducting videoconferences.
Microsoft Teams is a modern collaboration platform that enables colleagues to connect with each other and their clients anywhere and on any device. You can talk via chat, audio, video calls, and meetings. What is more, you can securely share and collaborate on documents, and workflows in real-time.

It is not only an area for information exchange but an integrated environment that successfully supports entire project teams in their daily work in delivering high-quality work effects.

What you’ll learn:

  • how to cooperate with your team and make the remote work more efficient,
  • how to improve work, from project management, information flow, problem management to project cooperation,
  • how to manage meeting participants and avoid a mess,
  • how to easily organize courses and webinars for large groups of people,
  • how to record training sessions and share them with others,
  • how to coordinate the calendar and conduct meetings,
  • how to work with shared files.

The link to workshop is here.

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