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Migration to Microsoft Azure (22.04.2021)

Webinar description

During the webinar, we discussed one example of implementation and migration of applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud in a large company from the energy and heating industry. The project has been carried out by our IT architects, discussed it as a case study. The main topic was related to the business and technical challenges related to this implementation.

In the practical part, we showed, how to go step-by-step from the on-prem architecture to the cloud in a company with extensive processes. We went the entire path of decisions, which in the end led to the fact, that the company has completely replaced the physical infrastructure with the Software as a Service (Saas) architecture.


• Should you maintain an on-premise solution?
• Choosing a cloud provider and adopting the “Platform as a Service” approach
• Conway’s Law in Architecture
• Service Fabric vs Kubernetes, or what the cloud facilitates and where creates challenges?
• How to choose a database?
• Cloud provider does not support my technology? What to do?
• Regional challenges – what challenges may arise when implementing a geographically dispersed application?

Event hosts:

• Maciej Zagozda – Lead Azure Architect (TTMS)
• Adam Zięty – Lead Software Engineer (TTMS)
• Piotr Martyński – Azure Senior Developer (TTMS)


Q: Was the client using a sensitive DB application for ERP such as SAP or otherwise?

Maciej Zagozda: I believe this was an essential product for the client operating as an IoT rather than ERP. Azure offers a number of encryption methods for your data. That covers both data at rest, as well as data in transit.

You can secure your servers pretty much to the security level as expected from your on prem servers, plus take the advantage of the advanced network security options and monitoring. Critical data can be stored in the Azure Storage using encryption options that allow no one (not even Microsoft) to decrypt.

You can also leverage encryption options at the Virtual Machine level. Have a look at options available today:

Q: What role does Azure Synapse plays on this architecture? What is the difference between synapses and azure sql db?

Adam Zięty: unfortunately, Azure Synapse was not part of the project, so no role of this service in the use case described. Would need to check, when that offering appeared in Azure, at the time we were executing this migration our data team had some of their custom approaches to data analysis, build on some products from different cloud provider.

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