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Personalized Customer Experience with Adobe (AEM) & Marketo integrated together

Webinar description

The biggest challenge of the company these days is to get the attention of customers. Not only creativity, originality, and product quality are the decisive factors influencing the purchasing decision but also an individual approach to the client and the attractiveness of the message.

Growing customer expectations have a negative impact on entire industries. Customers always expect personalized service. They don’t have the patience for marketing in general and a call from the sales department is the last thing they want. Thus, a better understanding of customers’ needs by marketing teams is the key to stay competitive.

Currently, many companies, especially those selling online, appreciate the role of personalizing marketing communication, emphasizing that its biggest benefit is the adequacy in relation to the customer’s needs.


How does personalization work?

The first step to personalization is to have the appropriate website traffic analytics tools that will help to identify which service or product offered is of the biggest interest.

Automate your operation with integrated systems, which can convert up to 98% of anonymous site visitors. Create and share with them real-time content, news and personalized CTAs based on browsing habits, location, referring URLs and more. B2B companies can perform personalization even for anonymous visitors based on the company’s size and industry.

The answer to this demand are Marketo Engage and Adobe Experience Manager integrated together.

What does personalization do for online businesses?

  • Allows you to earn the trust of your customers and build a database of regular users who will be more valuable in the long run,
  • Facilitates building effective messages to various target groups and creating an individualized offers,
  • Increases the number of loyal customers and allows to satisfy their specific needs related to purchasing or getting specific information,
  • Makes the website or e-commerce store more attractive to users in terms of providing tailor-made products or services,
  • Gives insight on what products or services are attractive to users.

What does personalization offer to internet users?

  • Increases the possibility of reaching messages tailored to individual needs and focusing on valuable information,
  • Gives the possibility to find the information you look for much faster,
  • Increases the possibility to approach customers individually and to respond to their unusual needs.

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